Description of the extension JpPublipostage

This extension is derivated from the Pierre-Yves Samyn  one: PysPublipostage. It enables to mail merge from an ooo base database where there is an image field to be used in the document.
Minimum version OpenOffice or LibreOffice : 3.3. LGPL licence.


Extension install

Tools > Extension Manager > Add choose the file JpPublipostage.oxt

A new extension JpPublipostage has been added.

Leave OpenOffice or LibreOffice and restart after install

Create a template

In your document insert your database fields

For the image field of the database :

Insert a frame

put the frame to the place where you want the picture and resize it.

Select the frame then right click and choose frame to display the properties

In the Type tab choose Anchor to character

In the Options tab choose as name : Picto

Put your database image field inside the frame.


Open your template.

Open the JpPublipostage dialogbox : Tools>Add-ons>JpPublipostage...

Choose the output format, the output directory and the name of the output file.

Launch the mailmerge with the button Start MailMerge


  • Use only withWriter.

  • The database must be an ooo base registred in ooo.

  • Only a frame named Picto in the template document.

  • The image field of the database must be a LONGVARBINARY field?

  • The data source must be only in one database table (requests not allowed).

  • Only two languages : English (default) and french. 




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